A Blast from the Past


This recently came my way. Cincinnati Playhouse, 1983. The play was called Loves and Hours and it featured Davy Florek and Margaret Gibson (pictured). They were wonderful. The play was… not. Actually I wish I could verify this – in 1983 I was working on a typewriter and any copies of the play I had are very long gone. I guess i disliked it that much. However! I liked the title (from “the loves and hours of the life of man are swift and sad being borne by the sea”) and used it again for another play in 2003 at The Old Globe. That Loves and Hours, directed by Jack O’Brien, was much better. It hasn’t been done as much as it should. Possibly because – what was I thinking – it has a cast of 12. Note to fledgling playwrights – the only plays that get produced with cast of 12 are by Shakespeare. Musicals don’t count.

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