CREDITS OVER – A BUTTON NOSE Sad eyes like wet blue saucers and tear streaked cheeks like buttercups. Blonde hair that has no use for a comb or a brush. CHLOE HARDY is five years old and desolate beyond words. She sucks her thumb. She is holding a blanket to her cheek. Her favorite blanket. Read More


EXT. PARIS, FRANCE – NIGHT Two in the morning. The Paris skyline a sea of lights. EXT. MINISTRY BUILDING – NIGHT A stone building. Ancient, imposing. CLOSE ON – A BRASS PLAQUE. L’ Ministre du Agriculture. A professorial looking man in suit, overcoat and gloves stands as the door swings shut behind him. He looks Read More

An Innocent Abroad

EXT. NEW YORK – NIGHT Establishing. CHRIS (V.O.) It was once said by someone famous – I forget who so I’ll take credit – INT. AN APARTMENT BUILDING – NEW YORK – NIGHT A crowded party in progress. “Arty types” in their 20’s and early 30’s. CHRIS (V.O.) – that the need to express oneself in a public Read More


EXT. RANCHO SANTE FE, CAL. – DAY Establishing. And now an upscale car passes. INT./EXT. CAR – MOVING – DAY A father, Greg Chase, and his son, Nick, 12, drive in not unpleasant silence. Nick stares quietly out the window. There is something oddly but intently reserved about him. TO: The car, moving. TO: Looking through the Read More