The Harrower

FADE IN ON: On a deserted trail above the high desert, a man walks. It is moon-lit night; a million stars. It illuminates the rugged landscape. The man’s dark clothes are stained with sweat and dust. He carries old leather saddlebags over his shoulder. It is 1884. Above the trail, a lone wolf stops. The wolf’s breath turns to steam Read More

Rock Paper Bone

EXT. LONDON – NIGHT Establishing. EXT. A CLUB – SOHO – NIGHT A POV — A line of people outside, waiting to get in. Moving past them, past the doormen, entering into – INT. CLUB – CONTINUOUS POV – An indoor rave, fueled by drugs and alcohol. An overflowing dancefloor, a huge bar – a bartender staring Read More


BLACK SCREEN Title 1: The Balkans. The crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. Title 2: Balkanization. The tendency to violently splinter into rival entities. Title 3: To Balkanize. To fuck things up completely. EXT. THE BALKANS – DAY A desolate mountain landscape of rock, pine and snow. Gun metal grey sky. Bitter cold. Flurries in the air. Title Read More

Beautiful Joe

EXT. THE BRONX – DAY Establishing. Late winter. Cold, grey, gun metal sky. New York skyline in the distance. EXT. THE BRONX – DAY A working class neighborhood. A guy named Joe parks his old van in front of a corner market. Gets out. Tough looking guy, Joe. Hard, plain face. But looks can lie. Read More

Veil On The Water

CREDITS BEGINS – EXT. A BACK ROAD – NIGHT A battered pick-up truck, engine laboring, comes swerving up the road. It veers across the center line and then jerks back. It cruises into the bushes and long grass alongside the road. It careens back to the middle of the road. Headlights approach from the opposite Read More

The Old Boy

EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. – NIGHT Establishing shots. Lights. Buildings. Rain on the streets. SUBTITLE: APRIL, 1985 A BLACK LIMO glides along the late night streets. CLOSE ON – An official-looking Federal seal on the door of the limo. IN THE LIMO’S BACK SEAT – SAMUEL PIERCE stares out the window. He’s a conservatively-suited, handsome man Read More


The bottom of the tunnel is dark. The wavering light of a torch is absorbed by the rock. Two miners are working with hammer, pick and shovels. Clothes grimy with dust and soil. They pant softly with exertion. The man, BRODY, is in his fifties. Longish grey hair, beard. He shovels away debris. The woman, Read More

Pretty Woman

EXT. A HOUSE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS – NIGHT The view of downtown Los Angeles from the enormous, ornate house is extraordinary. A small outdoor dinner party is in progress. A MAGICIAN is entertaining guests. Playing cards and coins appear and disappear in his nimble hands. INT. HOUSE STUDY – NIGHT EDWARD HARRIS stands at Read More

Passing Fancy

EXT. COASTAL ROAD – DAY Mid-Fall on the South Carolina coastline. Pine woods give way to marshes and coastal inlets. Waves crash on sandy beaches. An old Volvo station wagon with a one man single scull mounted on its roof, moves south on Route 17, north of St. John’s Inlet, South Carolina. EXT./INT. WINSTON’S CAR Read More